Molas Nouveau 5x7 Design CD by Laura's Sewing

Molas Nouveau 5x7 Design CD by Laura's Sewing

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Molas are made in the San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama by the Kuna Indians. They use layers of fabric to create reverse, traditional, and inlaid applique. Traditionally, these designs are made using bold primary colors.

This is Laura's intrepretation of molas sewn in machine embroidery. She has attempted to recreate them as traditionally as is possible and still be practical for machine embroidery. You are welcome and encouraged to use your own imagination to sew these designs with whatever thread and fabric colors you desire.

These types of designs are primarily seen on clothing, purses, hats, etc.
Because some of these items are a pain or impossible to handle on a home embroidery machine, she has decided to make this easy and create them as ‰Û÷patches‰۪. Once sewn you can attach them to whatever items you want.

lncluded with the set is detailed and illustrated instructions including a ‰Û÷patch‰۪ method, a ‰Û÷nonpatch‰۪ method and sewing them with and without fringe.

All 5 of these designs are 125mm x 166mm (5x7inches) and can be sewn together to create a larger mola.