Connecting Top for 490 Sewing Chest in Mahogany
Sylvia Sewing Furniture

Connecting Top for 490 Sewing Chest in Mahogany

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This optional piece can be attached (hardware included) or it can just sit on top of the model 490 drawer chest and it makes the model 490 chest level with the top surface of the model 1600 or 1200 cabinet. We have found most quilter's and sewer's prefer to have this option so the chest is level with the cabinet surface.

The 400 is needed when a 490 is used with a 810 or an 810Q. åÊThis connecting top or "extension" makes the top of the drawer stack flush with the rest of the cabinet's surface. åÊThe beauty of Sylvia cabinets is that they are modular - you can add pieces as you need or want them.

If you want the surfaces to be flush when the unit is closed, you will need to order two 400-mahogany åÊDrop-In Tops.

Finish color: Mahogany Clove.

Length: 24 1/2"
Depth: åÊ19 7/8"
Height: 3/4"