Blind Hem Foot 0.5mm White Sergers

Blind Hem Foot 0.5mm White Sergers

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Also 7934, SL34, SL34D
Everybody can do it by hand: Sewing strong and durable hems that appear almost invisible on the right fabric side. The experts call it åÈblind hemsåÇ, primarily used for heavyweight materials like woolens, or gabardine, but also for heavy home furnishing fabrics.
Sewing blind hems by hand requires good eyes and time! It‰۪s much easier and faster to let an overlocker do the job: It sews a seam, trims the excess fabric and
finishes the seam edge ‰ÛÒ all in one simple operation. With the blind hem foot and correct thread tension settings you can sew blind hems on skirts, trousers,
curtains ‰ÛÒ fast and professionally !
The blind hem foot has a special guide plate that ensures perfect, invisible hems - you only need to fold the fabric correctly before you start sewing. Seam edges are finished simultaneously, for equally neat results on the inside and outside of your sewing projects.~