Applique Printables Kaleidoscope Collection 1 CD
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Applique Printables Kaleidoscope Collection 1 CD

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This CD is the first collection in a series of circular kaleidoscope designs that can be printed onto Printer Fabric sheets to use for Appliqu̩s on quilts and wearable art. These designs are a perfect compliment to make beautiful center medallions for Sew Inspired's quilt designs such as Spinning Pinwheels, 3-D Spinning Fans, and Winding Curves and with the new "Color Changer Slidebar" you can adjust the color to find just the right colors for the projects that you are working on. The CD includes print utilities that enable the user to scale the designs into print templates for size variations of the appliqu̩s onto standard 8 1/2" x 11" and 13" x 19" paper sizes.

This is a very simple to use software 101 Color Changeable Designs package, that lets the user easily view and select designs, and drag them into a printing format sheet to print multiple different designs or all of the same designs onto one printer fabric sheet. There are multiple different template sheets, so the user will be able to choose the sizes of the appliqu̩s that they print.

Also included on the CD are tips for printing onto printable inkjet fabric sheets and how to easily turn your applique printables into finished turned edge appliques.

By Sew Inspired Designs