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Sylvia Model 1810R Combo Cabinet in Teak

Sylvia Model 1810R Combo Cabinet in Teak

  • $ 2,699.95
  • Save $ 719

Similar to the Sylvia combo cabinet model 1350 except this model has wider sewing machine cabinets to accommodate the larger size sewing and embroidery machines. The great thing about this combo cabinet is that it has two separate sewing machine cabinets and they both have a lift mechanism for raising and lowering to the desired height. This combo cabinet can be designed to fit in a corner or straight along a wall. This is a great combo unit and is designed for years of happy sewing, embroidery and quilting. It even comes with a lifetime warranty. The image is a line drawing. Please consult the different color options to see what this model would look like in the Teak color.

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