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Daylight 20 watt Replacement Swirl Bulb

Daylight 20 watt Replacement Swirl Bulb

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For use in Daylight Lamp models U21037, U21038, U21048, U21078, U21098, U31067.
Daylight Simulation Bulbs and Tubes provide perfect colour matching and greater eye comfort by reducing not only glare but eye strain. In addition they are low heat, compact, energy-saving bulbs, with a life of 10,000 hours that use only 20% of the electricity of a normal bulb. See the difference. Has the equivalent light output to a 100 watt tungsten bulb but consumes less energy! Reduced eye strain natural daylight is the healthiest light source for the eyes therefore a daylight bulb which simulates the light outdoors is more relaxing to the eyes~

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